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Movement Coaching with Rebecca Wendlandt

Let me help guide you towards understanding and using your body to move with strength and ease. I coach you through movement classes and private sessions to help you do the things in life that you want to do.

Barre Exercise

Barre exercise is a workout style that is inspired by ballet barre, yoga, and pilates. It invites you to work in a more detailed and focused way, so that you can connect with and strengthen your deeper muscles, important for stability and balance.

Adult Ballet Classes

Learning ballet is not just for kids; it’s for adults too! I offer beginning adult ballet classes that focus on learning the ballet basics. If you are curious and excited about learning this beautiful artform, come join one of my classes held in Davis California!

Private Sessions

Private and Semi-Private movement sessions are available with Rebecca Wendlandt. These sessions are customized just for you. Together, we will work on what your body uniquely needs in order to achieve your movement goals.

Barre Exercise Ballet students performing a sous-sos

Adult Beginning Ballet Classes in Davis

I teach drop-in beginning ballet classes for adults in Davis California at Applegate Dance Studio.

Beginning Ballet

Learning ballet is not just for kids – it’s for adults too! This beginning ballet class is perfect for adults with little or no prior ballet experience but with the desire to learn. You’ll study the basics of ballet and learn ballet terminology. New moves and techniques are broken down slowly, so your body can acquire these new skills. If you are curious and excited about exploring the beautiful artform of ballet, come join in the fun!

These drop-in adult dance classes are held at Applegate Dance Studio in the Village Homes of West Davis.

    I look forward to seeing you at an upcoming ballet class. Please contact me if you have any questions.

    Private Movement Sessions

    Private and Semi-Private sessions available in-person and online with Rebecca Wendlandt to work on what your individual body needs.  We can work on specific exercises that will help you achieve your individual movement goals and guide your body into optimal musculoskeletal alignment and function so that you can move pain-free and avoid injury.

      I look forward to seeing you. Please contact me if you have any questions.

      gentle barre exercise

      Barre Exercise Classes in Davis

      I teach barre workout classes in Davis California at both Applegate Dance Studio (drop-ins welcome) and Kaia Fit Davis (membership required).

      Gentle Barre Workout – Drop-In Classes

      Come move your body and enjoy doing a gentle, full body barre exercise workout. All ages and ability levels welcome. Build strength and stability, gain balance and flexibility all while having fun exploring movement!

      These drop-in adult fitness classes are held at Applegate Dance Studio in the Village Homes of West Davis.

      Intermediate Barre Workout – Zoom/Online

      Offered weekly online from my home to your home!  Enjoy a full body workout that will challenge and build your strength, coordination, and balance.  A great way to get your body ready for the day!

      • Wednesdays 9:30-10:30am

      Dancer’s Workout

      Come join a dynamic exercise class designed to build the strength, coordination, balance, and flexibility you need to bring your dancing to the next level! You’ll increase your knowledge of how your body operates and gain a more detailed mastery of it. This group exercise class is fantastic for dancers or people who like to workout like dancers!

      These drop-in adult fitness classes are held at Applegate Dance Studio in the Village Homes of West Davis.

      I look forward to seeing you in an upcoming class. Please contact me if you have any questions.

      About Rebecca Wendlandt

      I am a passionate lover of movement! I have been a dancer of various types of dance since I was very little, but have been focused mainly on ballet for the last decade. In 2019 I became a certified barre workout instructor so that I could come alongside others in their personal movement journeys and help them achieve their goals.  In order to be able to aid dancers in increasing their skill, I began training with dance physiotherapist Lisa Howell in 2020 and continue to train regularly with her.  To better help people past movement obstacles caused by pain and injury resulting from musculoskeletal disfunction and misalignments, I became a Schatz Method Practitioner in 2022 after completing a vigorous year long training program with Gina Schatz. I continue to train regularly with Gina Schatz.

      Training & Certifications

      • Certified barre instructor with the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association in Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Special Populations, and Ballerobica.
      • Trainings Completed with Lisa Howell of The Ballet Blog:
        • Level 1 Dance Teacher and Practitioner training
        • Level 2 Pointe Intensive
        • Level 2 & 3 Flexibility Intensives
        • Training Turnout in Tiny Dancers
      • Schatz Method Practitioner

      Please contact me to learn more or to schedule your first private movement lesson.

      Rebecca Wendlandt movement instructor