Covid-19 Appointment Related Information

The options are listed in order of least contact to most contact.  We can discuss which option is the best for your project and safety needs:

  • Fitting via zoom and Porch drop off: I’ll walk you (or a housemate) through measuring and marking your items. Then we’ll arrange for a contactless dropoff and pickup. And of course, please give me a call if things are not perfect when you get home, and I’ll be happy to readjust them.  If you can make the marks on your own without meeting online with me, simply make the marks yourself. Write out what you want done, and drop everything off on my porch.
  • In-Person Outdoor Fitting on my porch:  This option currently seems to be what works best for most people and projects.  I’ll have sheets laid out on my porch to protect your garments from dirt.  You’ll wear tight clothing that you can put your garment on over.  When you have your garment on, I’ll come out on the porch to fit you.  We’ll both wear masks.  When you need to see yourself in the mirror, I’ll open my front door, so you can see yourself in my full-length mirror.  Other people can accompany you to the outdoor fitting.  They should wear masks too and stand at least six feet away from the fitting.
  • In-Person Indoor Fitting: On the rare occasion that an outdoor fitting won’t work, we can arrange to do the fitting in the privacy of my home. Along with the standard precaution of us both wearing masks, I’ll also open the windows and have two HEPA filters running to help provide us with fresh clean air. Note: If you have someone you would like to accompany you to your fitting, they will need to wait outside. However, we can open a door/window so that they can watch and talk with you throughout.

This is a changing process, and I am continually reviewing how best to serve you.

Please contact me for more details on how we can work together to help keep each other and our community safe.