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Wearable Art


Wearable art explores the realm where fashion and art meet. In this unique space, the wearer is allowed to intimately interact with art, breathing life, form and movement into it. The creative possibilities in this area are endless as it is bound only by what is personally beautiful and expressive. Through art-to-wear the wearer can find a means of individual expression unavailable in our mainstream world of mass production.


Vortex - Wearable ArtIn my artwear, I combine elegance and sophistication with twists of the unexpected, manifested in innovative garment shapes, unique fabric manipulations, and unusual interpretations of my sources of inspiration. No matter what other source I might draw inspiration from, such as insects or architecture, the three dimensionality of the female figure is a consistent source of inspiration. I seek to both compliment and accentuate the female figure while exploring new clothing shapes, even sculptural shapes, that can be worn on the body. These innovative silhouettes produce a striking presence from a distance while the custom fabric surfaces I create provide depth and richness up-close. I manipulate fabric surfaces through pleating, net creation using dissolvable fabric, painting, dyeing, heat setting, and distressing.


Please visit my photo gallery to see my past work, or contact me to discuss commissioning a wearable art piece for yourself.